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The May 2023 Care Team Member of the Month is RN Kristen Lee.

We are excited to honour RN Kristen Lee as our Care Team Member of the Month. Kristen, a dedicated pediatric nurse, has shown remarkable commitment and compassion.

Kristen's eagerness to attend training highlights her dedication to continuous learning and providing top-quality care to her clients. Her ability to build therapeutic relationships with her clients and their families creates a nurturing environment based on trust and empathy.

Consistently receiving positive feedback from client families is a testament to Kristen's exceptional skills and her positive impact on her clients' lives. Moreover, her willingness to assist her colleagues whenever needed, showcases her teamwork and genuine concern for others.

In addition, Kristen exemplifies responsible time management by making up any missed hours and ensuring uninterrupted support for her clients while balancing personal time off. When asked what she likes most about working with The Care Company, Kristen emphasized the excellent communication from the office staff and the support of the Care Coordinator team.

Kristen's dedication, compassion, and outstanding qualities as a nurse have made her the well-deserving recipient of the Care Team Member of the Month award. Her commitment to continuous learning, ability to build therapeutic relationships, positive feedback from clients and families, willingness to help others, responsible time management, and emphasis on effective communication exemplify her exceptional work ethic. Congratulations to Kristen on this well-earned recognition! We have a $100 Visa gift card and some TCC swag on the way to you.

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