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Medication Adherence Program

The American Heart Association states that the #1 problem in treating illness today is the patient’s failure to take medication correctly. 

For seniors with chronic conditions, medication adherence is of critical importance. It is reported that 50% of seniors fail to take their medications as prescribed. Failing to take medications at the prescribed times, or skipping doses, reduces the effectiveness of the medications and in some cases, may render them completely ineffective. Non-adherence often results in falls, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and other detrimental conditions.

Medication mismanagement (or non-adherence) is one of the leading reasons for hospital admissions of seniors and one of the primary reasons that seniors transition from their homes into assisted living or long-term care facilities.

Assisting your loved one with medication adherence support helps them:

  • Manage their medications more effectively

  • Prevent medication-related emergencies

  • Extend the time they age-in-place, comfortably in their home

Medication Adherence Support Service

The Care Company’s Medication Adherence Service integrates advanced adherence monitoring technology with outreach support services. This contactless, virtual service is designed to drive optimal patient outcomes and resolve the underlying reasons or behaviours that impede medication adherence.

This is where The Care Company can help. We offer a Medication Adherence Support Service. We will have the pharmacy provide your loved one’s medications in a bubble pack that is “CuePath monitored”.  Through our partnership with CuePath, we track your loved one’s medication adherence 7 days a week.  When your loved one misses their medications, the Adherence Support Team will call. An Adherence Support Team representative will remind your loved one, and over time, understand and resolve the underlying reasons for non-adherence.

Our goal is to help your loved one stay independent and healthy.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Supervised taking of medication

  • Keeping in accordance with schedule

  • Ensuring proper dosage and types of medicine are taken



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