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With advancing age and associated medical conditions driving may become difficult or not possible. Family members are not always available to provide rides, and even coordinating a visit to the doctor may become difficult. As a supplementary service to personal care, The Care Company caregivers can help when your loved one needs to travel. Our additional transportation services will enable your loved one to get where they want to go.

Transportation Services Benefits

The Care Company offers safe, reliable, and accessible transportation services allowing your loved one to continue participating in community activities such as attending religious services, family events, social events, and lectures. Since transportation is a supplementary service to personal care, our trained caregivers don't just pick up and drop off your loved ones. They also help your loved ones get ready, accompany them, and provide any assistance they need during their visit.

Care Squad

Our Care Squad ensures your loved ones can attend medical appointments and perform errands such as shopping, buying groceries, or banking. They will wait with your loved one until the meeting has concluded and ensure a safe return home. Upon returning home, our caregivers will put the groceries away or tend to any other tasks that need to be done. The Care Squad will help them leave the house and attend events.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assisted Walking 

  • Taxi, Uber/Lyft

  • Paratransit

  • Arranged and accompanied transport

  • Wheelchair 

  • Shopping

  • Daytrips



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