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The January 2024 Care Team Member of The Month is RPN Junah Nerissa Cagang.

Updated: Feb 23

In the heart of January, where resolutions are made, and fresh starts are embraced, it brings me immense joy to shine the spotlight on an exceptional care team member who has consistently gone above and beyond in her role. Let's join hands and celebrate the Care Team Member of the Month for January 2024 - RPN Junah Nerissa Cagang.


Exceptional Pediatric Care: Junah's dedication to her pediatric school support client has been exemplary, showcasing a level of care that goes beyond the typical responsibilities. Through her unwavering commitment, she has significantly impacted her client's life, providing personalized and attentive support.


Empowering Personal Growth: One of Junah's remarkable achievements is her ability to help her client break out of her shell at school. Through a combination of patience, empathy, and innovative approaches, Junah has empowered the child to engage more with classmates, fostering a sense of belonging and confidence.


Holistic Development: Thanks to Junah's holistic approach, her pediatric client is academically thriving and has become more mobile. Junah recognizes the interconnectedness of physical and emotional well-being, contributing to the child's overall development under her care.


Consistent Reliability: Junah's reliability is a cornerstone of her success. Whether it's providing emotional support, aiding in mobility, or being present during challenging moments, Junah consistently shows up when her clients need her the most. Her dependability is a testament to her genuine commitment to the well-being of those in her care.


Positive Classroom Integration: Junah's efforts extend beyond one-on-one support. By facilitating her client's engagement with classmates, she has enriched the child's life and contributed positively to the classroom dynamic. Her inclusive approach fosters a supportive and nurturing environment for all.


Gratitude from Clients: Junah's recognition as Employee of the Month is a testament to her professional competence and reflects the gratitude and appreciation of the families she serves. The positive changes witnessed in her pediatric client's life are a direct result of Junah's dedication and passion for making a difference in the lives of those she cares for.


In celebrating RPN Junah Nerissa Cagang, we honour her achievements and acknowledge the profound impact caregivers can have on the lives they touch. Here's to a January filled with inspiration, gratitude, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Junah, we have a Visa gift card and some TCC swag on the way to you.


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