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How Technology Is Making It Easier for Seniors to Age in Place

senior lady and adult daughter looking at tablet
Technology can help seniors to age in place in the comforts of home.

“You are always free to choose what you do with your life. To make changes in your future, make new choices today.” – Brian Tracy

Deciding where to live as you get older isn’t easy. The majority of older adults choose to age in place at home for a lifetime, but even that isn’t without its challenges. Can it be safe? How about mobility issues as well as other physical limitations? What happens if an older adult falls and cannot get up?

Fortunately, there are many solutions to help seniors with common issues as they age in place. Technology, for example, is regularly developing and evolving, offering solutions to the difficulties that may surface as we grow older. Just consider these tech devices and how they’re improving life at home for older adults!

Home Safety

Smart devices bring peace of mind to an older person living alone – and to the family members who love them. Seniors can choose from individual devices that meet a certain need, such as a smart door lock, doorbell, or fire alarm, or entire smart security system for all of these features and more.

Additionally, a smart speaker system such as Google Nest Audio or Amazon Echo works by voice command, an essential feature to a home technology system. Seniors have the convenient option of simply saying what they need, calling for help, for example, and technology takes care of it.

Whole Home Automation

Some seniors may be ready to go all in with technology that helps them age in place. If that’s the case, a central control system will allow for a plethora of functions to be performed at the touch of a tablet or smartphone, such as lights, security cameras, sensors, window shades, thermostat, music, Wi-Fi, and so much more.

Michael Miller, author of My Smart Home for Seniors, sums up the many benefits of technology for older adults: “Technology helps all homeowners, but especially seniors, by automating things that are a pain or difficult to do.”

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring connects people with their doctors in innovative ways: wearable devices to track vital signs, smart pill bottles with sensors, bio-ingestible capsules seniors can swallow, even electronic tattoos that can assess the progression of pneumonia. It takes home care a step further than telehealth appointments, delivering more in-depth data on an individual's medical condition than can be detected via a video chat.

Of course, a human touch is always needed for a safe experience in aging at home, in spite of how many tech tools we utilize! Reach out to The Care Company online or at 416-422-2273 for personalized elderly care in Toronto or the nearby areas that will help seniors live life to the fullest.


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