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Our August 2021 Care Team member of the Month is Billy Diaz

The Care Company leadership team is proud to announce that our August 2021 Employee of the Month is Billy Diaz. Billy always gives his best effort to his clients, and he goes above and beyond what is expected of him. Billy can anticipate his clients’ needs, even before they ask. All his clients have complex needs and require Billy to adapt to their behaviour and moods continually. One gentleman had not had a proper bath for months when he first met Billy, but Billy was able to encourage him to get into the shower, which he now loves. Life has changed for the better for this client and his family. The client's wife is no longer worried that she cannot cope and will have to place her husband in a long-term care facility. Billy, you make lives better for those at home. Please join us in congratulating Billy for earning this well-deserved honour. Well done, Billy!

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