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Family Caregiver Challenges: Maintaining a Healthy Post-Pandemic Work-Life Balance

Updated: May 16, 2021

caregiver working and eating with young children
Family caregiver challenges can make it a struggle to manage a healthy work-life balance.

If there is one positive after-effect associated with the pandemic, it is the appreciation generated for the numerous family caregiver challenges. Managing work and home life can feel overwhelming for those caring for a senior family member. As Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO of Wellthy, explains, “Caregiving went from a silent struggle to being in the spotlight overnight.”

Businesses were suddenly tossed into the fire of managing the safety of staff along with the necessity to uphold productivity. Here is what we discovered – and what we should be expecting in the future:

  • More telecommuting. Individuals who began working from home over the last year have, in many cases, demonstrated their ability to be more productive. Due to this fact, it is forecast that a sizeable number will continue telecommuting at least several days per week this year.

  • Less stress. Eliminating the daily commute opens up additional time for self-care for family caregivers, while boosting peace of mind. This is especially true for many who relied on public transportation and were wary of compromised health safety. To help boost mental health, many employers are providing subscriptions to meditation and mindfulness smartphone apps.

  • A corporate culture of caring. Working from home has opened up the personal areas of our lives to employers. Zoom meetings share our living spaces with each other, including the appearance of children, pets, and other household members. As a result, the workplace has become more humanized, leading to a more empathetic working environment.

  • Focus on mental wellness. Along those lines, there is now increased awareness of the importance of caring for our mental health. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll reported that nearly 45 percent of adults experienced negative mental wellness effects resulting from the pandemic – and an even greater percentage in people who function as family caregivers for older family members. Many employers have started implementing approaches to take care of the mental health of their employees, such as offering virtual adventures and trips to present the chance to relax and escape.

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