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December 2020 Team member of the month is Novelette Wong, PSW.

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Novelette Wong, we think you are awesome! You have the heart and the compassion you need to provide wonderful care to any client. We recently received a lovely letter from the daughter of one Novelette’s clients. This client’s husband recently passed away unexpectedly, and her daughter is so relieved that Novelette has been able to bring joy to her mother’s life even through this difficult time. Her daughter is able to grieve herself because she knows that her mother is safe and well cared for. Novelette has also been able to support some of our most complex clients, even after many others have tried unsuccessfully. She has the ability to connect with people and to figure out how to meet their needs. Novelette never declines a shift and is always willing to help, even at the last minute. Novelette, you are a true gem!

Thank you Novelette for everything you do to keep your clients safe and happy. We have a $50 visa gift card on it's way to you.

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