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The November 2021 Care Team member of the month is Amanda Alexander!

Every once in a while, someone joins The Care Company Team and we know right away that they are going to be a shining star. Amanda Alexander is one of those people! Amanda embodies all of the values that we hold dear. She is compassionate and eager to make a real difference in the lives of her clients.

One of her clients is a young man with severe autism, who we will call John. John’s mother is his primary caregiver and she is getting older. Without Amanda’s help, she would not be able to leave her apartment to shop and run errands, or simply maintain relationships with family and friends. John requires all of her attention and often cries if she is not with him.

Amanda has quickly built a trusting relationship with both John and his mother. John looks forward to Amanda coming and there are no longer any tears. John’s mother can go out and feel confident that John will be fine in Amanda’s capable hands. Life has taken a very positive turn for this family!

This is just one of the stories that demonstrate Amanda’s awesome spirit! Please join us in congratulating Amanda Alexander for being chosen as Employee of the Month for November 2021. Amanda, we are so happy to have you on The Care Company Team! We have a visa gift card and some swag on its way to you.

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