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The June 2023 Care Team Member of the Month is PSW Christian Villicana!

We are thrilled to honour PSW Christian Villicana as our June Care Team Member of the Month. Christian's unwavering dedication, vast medical knowledge, and infectious enthusiasm have made him a standout member of our team.

Formerly a family physician in Mexico, Christian seamlessly transitioned to our organization in Canada, bringing valuable experience and expertise.

Christian's enthusiasm for new challenges is inspiring. He sets an example for his colleagues with a positive mindset and determination.

His extensive medical knowledge ensures top-notch care and the highest standard of service for our clients.


's pleasant demeanour and compassionate approach create a welcoming atmosphere, allowing clients to feel comfortable discussing their health concerns.

Building strong relationships is one of Christian's greatest strengths. He embraces the diverse needs of our clients, fostering trust and meaningful connections.

His team spirit shines through active participation in company events, creating a sense of unity among our staff.

Christian advocates for our Workplace Health Promotion Program, supporting initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle for our team.

When asked, Christian says he appreciates The Care Company's client-centric approach and the respect shown to staff. Our user-friendly app and operational efficiency make working for The Care Company a seamless experience.

Christian cherishes the relationships he has built with his colleagues, fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment.

We warmly congratulate Christian Villicana for being recognized as our Care Team Member of the Month. His dedication, medical expertise, pleasant demeanour, and ability to build strong relationships make him an invaluable asset to our team. We deeply appreciate his positive impact on our clients and fellow colleagues at The Care Company. We have a $100 Visa gift card and some TCC swag on the way to you.

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