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The January 2023 Care Team Member of the month is RN Roberta Schoenborn!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

RN Roberta Schoenborn

Please join us in congratulating Roberta Schoenborn, RN, for being chosen Care Team Member of the Month for January 2023. Roberta has been with The Care Company for several years and has always ensured her clients live life to the fullest in their own homes.

Recently, Roberta provided daily care for a couple with very different complex care needs. The couple has no family members to help support them, So Roberta ensured that all their needs were taken care of. She arranged to have most of their supplies delivered, and what could not be delivered, she picked up herself or asked for one of our Care Coordinators to drop it off.

Roberta spent extra time communicating with physicians and pharmacists and oversaw the families' occasional private staff scheduling to ensure no gaps. She often stayed late during a difficult day to ensure both husband and wife were safe. She even looked after the couple’s dog. Roberta, we are so thankful to have you on our team! You are a true gem!

We have a $100 Visa gift card and some Care Company swag on their way to you.



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