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The August 2022 Care Team member of the month is RPN Joy Ambrosio.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

RPN Joy Ambrosio

At The Care Company, we pride ourselves on providing the best service for our clients with caregivers they can trust. Peace of Mind for our families is why people choose to work with our agency.

Many of our clients have complex care needs. Some require medical equipment to survive so our nurses must be skilled. RPN, Joy Ambrosio, made it her business to learn everything she could about her patient’s needs and the machines that keep her patients alive.

Joy has exceeded expectations and recently received a note of positive feedback about the way she handled an equipment failure. During this potentially life-threatening equipment failure, Joy diagnosed the situation, alerted the appropriate support services and managed the client's condition for several hours while she waited for a specialist to arrive and change the faulty piece of equipment. Thanks to Joy's skill there was no adverse effect on the patient.

Whe asked joy what she likes most about working with the care company: Joy says that she "appreciates the way she can always get answers and support whenever she needs it from The Care Company Leadership Team."

Joy, you are providing a better life at home, and we are honoured to work alongside you! Congratulations on being chosen as the Care Team Member of the Month. We have a Visa gift card and some care company swag on the way.


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