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Our November 2022 Care Team Member of the month is PSW Lynda Prettie!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

PSW Lynda Prettie

This month, we have chosen to celebrate the talents of PSW Lynda Prettie. Lynda has been with The Care Company for a few years and is truly starting to shine. She visits a family who needs unique support, so she has had to be creative and “think outside the box.” The family consists of a mother with health issues and her adult son with special needs.

Lynda has enriched the lives of both in so many ways. On one occasion, a care coordinator arrived for a supervisory visit and found the house decorated with balloons and cake for the son’s birthday. He was so pleased!

His mother is not well enough to look after these details anymore, so they were both thankful that Lynda was able to step up to the plate! She has bought a device to help the son hold his phone. He is thrilled to be able to “watch tv on his phone. She also bought a device for the son to hold his playing cards.

Lynda takes the time to call in for updates about her client’s condition when she returns to them after they have had a hospital visit or an illness. Recently, Lynda sent us a very well-thought-out email detailing her struggles with another client and making suggestions for the other caregivers on the assignment.

Lynda says that she appreciates being able to do the extra things for her clients at The Care Company and gets great personal satisfaction from her job. Lynda, we are so lucky to have you on our team! Congratulations on a job well done!

A visa gift card and some care company swag are coming to you.

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