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Our May 2022 Care Team Member of the Month is Wenelyn Bacense!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Wenelyn Bacense

Congratulations go out to Wenelyn Bacense who has been chosen Care Team Member of The Month for May 2022.

Wenelyn has received very positive feedback from every client she has provided care for. Her clients and their families say their lives are so much better because Wenelyn has been an important member of their care team.

Wenelyn is also a tremendous help to our scheduling team. She helps us out on the weekends by taking on shifts when other employees call in sick. If Wenelyn can possibly help she does!

We asked Wenelyn why she chose to apply to The Care Company, she said because her "friends told her that The Care Company looks after their employees and I have found that to be true" and that "all the managers are so nice".

Wenelyn, you are a pleasure to work with and we are proud to have you on The Care Company Team! We have some Care Company Swag and a $100 Visa Gift card on the way to you.

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