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How to Be a Better Caregiver When You’re Bored

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

bored caregiver looking at camera in kitchen

It is hard to admit but even harder to avoid. Feeling tired of your role as family caregiver is a very common response to spending so much time together, performing the exact same tasks, participating in the exact same activities, and running out of interesting conversation topics. This isn't by any means related to your feelings for the individual in your care. In fact, they might be feeling just as tired of a stagnant routine.

Have you been wondering how to be a better caregiver? Are you thinking about how you can breathe new life into your caregiving relationship? Our care team has some ideas for you to try.

Tap Into Your Imagination. Remember creating imaginary worlds of play as children? It can be just as fun as an adult! As you are waiting in the doctor’s office, take a look at the people around you, and try to picture an extraordinary story of their lives. Challenge your loved one to do the same, and then share your stories on the drive home. Practicing mindfulness is yet another way to fully take part in the moment instead of dully observing from the sidelines. Use all five senses to experience your surroundings in a brand new and intriguing way.

Plan Something Fun. Brainstorm ideas for fun outings or new experiences you can plan along with your loved one. These can be as simple as trying a brand new café in town or traveling to a destination they have always wanted to visit but never had the chance. If traveling with the senior seems too daunting, consider bringing along a professional caregiver from The Care Company! We’re always available to help make dreams become a reality when it comes to seniors we serve.

Celebrate! Don’t wait for a major holiday, birthday, or anniversary to help make life more interesting and fun! There are countless unique and lesser-known holidays to pick from, for example, National Polar Bear Day, Tell a Fairy Tale Day, Toast Day and Comfy Day – and those are only a few reasons to celebrate during the last week of February! Or why not designate your very own? All it requires is a little creative thinking as you look around your environment, identify something you’re thankful for, and think of ways to make it the star of the day.

Escape the Norm. Take a mental walk through the routines you have established, and think about techniques to implement changes. Have you been preparing exactly the same bowl of cereal every morning? Try doing a quick search on the internet or pull out a few cookbooks and locate an interesting new recipe to try with the loved one in your care once per week. Rather than those morning talk or game shows, switch off the television and take a walk together. Drive a new route to the doctor’s office or beauty salon to see several new sights.

Let The Care Company help you learn how to become a better caregiver by providing breaks from care that give both of you the opportunity for experiences outside of each other’s company, allowing for enjoyable conversations to have when you’re together again. Email or call us at (416) 422-2273 to get started!

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