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The October 2022 Care Team Member of the month is PSW Amos Temitope Makinde

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

PSW Amos Temitope Makinde

At The Care Company, we pride ourselves on providing a better life for those at home. We do this by adhering to four core values that guide our behaviour and decisions. They are:

· People Come First, Always.

· Bring your best self.

· Life to the fullest.

· Be better today.

We strive to hire individuals who hold these same values dear. This month, the leadership team has chosen to honour personal support worker Amos Temitope Makinde as Care Team Member of the Month.

Amos lives his life by these values. When he arrives at his client’s home, his sole purpose is to ensure that his client lives his best life. Amos supports a client who has been diagnosed with severe dementia. Our Client's wife desperately wants her husband to remain at home, despite the extreme care needs he requires. Amos is there to provide all the support our Client and his wife need as his condition deteriorates. Our Client's wife says she feels safe when Amos cares for her husband. Amos has taken an active role in the care planning for his client, making suggestions and trying to find better ways to provide care. Amos, we see you living life to the fullest every day and helping those you support to do the same.

Amos says that he feels supported by The Care Company team and knows that guidance and help are just a phone call away. Amos, you always bring your best self to work, and we are so proud to have you on The Care Company Team! Congratulations on a job well done!

We have a Visa Gift Card and some TCC Swag on the way to you.

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