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Our September 2022 Care Team Member of the Month is PSW Carol Soares.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

PSW Carol Soares

Please join us in congratulating Carol Soares for being chosen as Care Team Member of the Month for September 2022.

Carol has been with The Care Company for less than a year but has proven herself to be a real treasure. She has worked with a diverse group of clients, and we have received very positive feedback from each and every one.

Carol is skilled at building therapeutic relationships with all the families she supports and says she gets a lot of personal satisfaction from her work. She turned down an assignment that would have qualified her for a government PSWS retention bonus and chose to stay with her present caseload.

Carol tells us that she feels valued as a team member at The Care Company and cares deeply about all the individuals she supports. Congratulations, Carol, on a job well done! We are so proud to have you on The Care Company Team! We have a Visa gift card and some TCC swag on the way to you.

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