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Our December 2021 Care Team Member of the Month is Joanne Ibarbia

The Care Company Leadership Team has chosen to celebrate Joanne Margarette Ibarbia as Caregiver of the Month for December 2021.

This season has been difficult for many of us but Joanne has really been put to the test. She had to call 911 for two clients in less than 24 hours. She found the first client on the floor when she arrived for her shift. He said that he wasn’t hurt but she had to be sure. She kept him calm while waiting for EMS to arrive. She reassured him and his wife that everything would be alright and, sure enough, it was!

The next morning, she arrived to find another client in dire straits. Her normally charming client was confused and disoriented. His apartment was in disarray. He said he didn’t feel well. Joanne was very concerned and called 911. EMS personnel came, but at first, did not want to take him to the hospital. Joanne explained that she knew the client well and was sure something was very wrong and that it was important he be seen by a doctor. Her persistence paid off and the client was taken to the hospital. Doctors later confirmed this was 100% the right decision. He was given the treatment he needed but would need to stay in the hospital for a few days. Since she wasn’t allowed to accompany him to the hospital, Joanne stayed behind to tidy his apartment so it would be clean upon his return home. Joanne, you have gone above and beyond and truly made a difference in the lives of your clients. Your clients and their families appreciate you and so do we!

Congratulations, we have a visa gift card and some Care Company Swag on its way to you.

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