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October 2021 Care Team Member of the Month is PSW: Micah Agagon

At The Care Company, we pride ourselves on helping people with medical or support needs live a better life at home. Caregiver, Micah Agayon, is living this core value to the fullest. Micah is providing care for a client, who we will call Mary. Mary has very little contact with her extended family. She is suspicious by nature and it is very difficult for her to trust anyone. Micah has managed to build a trusting relationship with Mary and now accompanies Mary to the bank and all other errands. She is the only person Mary will allow into her world. She anticipates Mary’s every need and has done everything she can to keep Mary safe. Micah advocates for Mary’s needs and has actually had some unpleasant experiences while trying to help Mary with her banking. She didn’t give up though, she “stuck to her guns” until the bank manager understood Mary’s needs. Mary’s dementia and short-term memory issues are rapidly increasing and she suffers from hallucinations. Sometimes Mary is very confused and anxious but Micah is able to connect with Mary on a level that helps her to calm down. Mary’s niece and only family contact is thankful that she has Micah’s support. Without Micah’s support, Mary would certainly not have been able to stay in her own home. Micah, we appreciate all you do. You are an awesome member of the Care Company Team! We have a visa gift card and some swag on the way to you.

Please join us in congratulating Micah for being chosen Employee of the Month for October 2021.

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