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October 2020 Co-Team member of the month is Maja Juico, PSW

Maja Juico is a true caregiver. It’s her nature to be compassionate and empathetic to all. People always come first to Maja. She comes to work everyday with a smile on her face, determined to help her client’s live life to the fullest. Maja has managed to win over even clients who didn’t believe that they needed or wanted support. She meets each new challenge with a positive attitude and takes everything in her stride. Whenever Maja visits a new client, we can trust that she will do her best to make the lives of her clients and their families better, right from her first visit. She has received several compliments from families and from clients themselves. Often, she is their preferred caregiver. The Scheduling team knows that we send Maja in as the first caregiver experience that the family will often increase the amount of service they have booked. Maja, thank you for all the great work you do for The Care Company and our clients. You are a pleasure to work with and we are so glad to have you on The Care Company Team.

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