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November 2020 Care Team Member of the Month

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Reeza Gementiza, RPN

In November we saw a great example of Reeza's special skills when she visited a family who was really struggling with managing a client with advanced dementia at home. The client's daughter had called to ask for help because she didn't know how to keep her mother safe during her mom's severe sundowning and confusion. The daughter was heartbroken and thought she was going to have to place her mother in a long term care facility having already promised her mother that she could stay at home for the rest of her life. Reeza arrived when the client, as well as her daughter and son-in-law, were very distressed. Reeza knelt down by the client and calmly and quietly spoke to her. Within a few minutes, Reeza and the client were laughing in the kitchen. Reeza had engaged the client to help in making breakfast and tea for everyone, something the client had had always done in the past. Everything changed for the better that day. The client's family members have learned, through Reeza's example, how to manage when their mom is having a challenging moment and the daughter now believes that her mother can live out the rest of her life at home in the loving arms of her family.

Thank you Reeza for everything you do to keep your clients safe and happy. We have a $50 visa gift card on it's way to you.

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