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June 2021 Care Team Member of the Month is Nancy Boyengo!

When it came time to choose this months winner, the answer was

unanimous. Our awesome nurse, Nancy Boyengo, was the clear choice for this


Nancy has proven herself to be indispensable to The Care Company

Team. She has been supporting our care designers on the weekend while we work through a busy period.

Nancy has travelled far and wide when we needed a nurse to take a shift in a facility or care for a client who needed urgent care. She has even gone as far as King City and Kleinburg.

Nancy’s cheerful disposition has a positive effect on the lives of her clients and

we have received numerous compliments about her work.

Furthermore, her confidence goes a long way to making her clients feel safe in her care. They look forward to her visits.

Even when there have been challenging situations, Nancy continues to provide the best care she can, because she knows the clients need her.

Nancy, we are so happy that you are part of our team and are

proud to work along side you! A $100 Visa gift care and some Care Company Swag is on its way to you.

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