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Opeyemi Alade – July 2021 Employee of the Month

Every once in a while, someone comes into your life and changes it forever...... for

the better. For two of our lovely clients, this individual is caregiver, Opeyemi


Opeyemi joined us this year and is already a shining star. Just this week,

Opeyemi was alerted to a client’s potentially serious health concern. She quickly sprang into action, saving the client from a lengthy visit to the emergency department. Opie calmly put the “wheels in motion” she called the office and explained the situation. the client's family was notified and nurse was deployed for a home visit.

Opie comforted the client and reassured her that help was on its way. At the home visit

the nurse assessed the situation and was able to make the

necessary adjustments. The client was able to go on with her day without much

interruption, all in the comfort of her own home.

Opie makes it her goal to understand the needs of her clients. She excels when

involved in the care of clients with complex needs. Moreover, she advocates for her clients who might not have family close by to advocate for them.

Opie keeps track of all her client's medical appointments

and works with Family & POA's to coordinate the travel. Often she accompanies her clients to the appointments herself. Opie consistently informs the rest of the care team of any changes to care plans and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Congratulations, Opeyemi on being chosen “Employee of the Month”! You are

an awesome team member, and we truly appreciate all you do to create a

better life for those at home! Some Care Company merchandise and a $100 Visa gift card

will be delivered to you very soon!

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