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February 2022 Care Team Member of the month is Shawnet Stephenson!

This month, The Care Company Leadership Team has chosen to honour our wonderful personal support worker, Shawnet Stephenson.

We knew Shawnet was special from the moment she walked into our office, to ask about any open positions we might have. It was evident from the enthusiasm she expressed about her role as a personal support worker, that she wanted to create a better life for those at home.

Shawnet continues to display this joy when she talks about her work. She is truly a “people first” person. She accepts new clients readily, regardless of location in the city, and rolls up her sleeves ready to make a difference in their lives. Shawnet greets everyone with a big smile and we have had many compliments about her service from the sons and daughters of her clients. Shawnet, we are so proud to have you on our team. You are truly making lives better for those at home!

We have a visa gift card and some The Care Company Swag on the way to you.

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