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February 2021 Care Team Member of the Month.

Miroslaw Golebiewski, PSW

The Care Company Leadership Team would like to announce that Miroslaw Golebiewski has been chosen as the February 2021 Caregiver of the Month. Miroslaw has been with us for almost three years and has been a steady and reliable team member right from the beginning. He has been caring for a gentleman who has become increasingly aggressive as his condition deteriorates. He is a war veteran who suffers from mental health issues that cause him to have severe anxiety. Miroslaw takes all of this in his stride and never complains. He has incredible compassion for his client and continues to try to find ways to bring him greater peace. Miroslaw is also always willing to lend a helping hand when some of his fellow team members became ill or had to quarantine during this covid 19 crisis. He often works extra shifts to ensure that his clients get all the care they need to stay safe. Miroslaw, we truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Well done and congratulations!

Thank you Miro for everything you do to keep your clients safe and happy. We have a $50 visa gift card and a The Care Company T shirt on it's way to you.

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