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Roxanna Verni

Roxanna Verni

Client Scheduling Coordinator

Mees Roxanna, an integral part of The Care Company since its inception, bringing warmth, dedication, and a wealth of diverse talents to our team. With a degree in music and teaching from York University, Roxanna's passion for nurturing others extends beyond her professional endeavors.

As a devoted mother of two boys, Roxanna understands the importance of compassion and patience. Her nurturing nature and genuine empathy make her a trusted resource to her colleagues and clients alike. She provides not only assistance but a genuine human connection.

Roxanna is a vibrant individual with a zest for life. She finds joy in singing, cooking, and spending time outdoors, activities that allow her to share her passion and creativity with those around her. Her infectious enthusiasm and positive energy brighten the lives of both our clients and our team members.

Roxanna's innate ability to connect with people, coupled with her compassionate spirit and diverse skills, make her an invaluable asset to The Care Company.

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