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Lindsey Toman

Lindsey Toman

Human Resources Manager

Meet Lindsey Toman, our Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) who brings a wealth of experience to The Care Company. Joining us in August 2023, Lindsey transitioned seamlessly from the fast-paced world of tech and IT recruitment to focus on hiring caregivers for the homecare setting.

Lindsey's love for continuous learning, collaborative spirit, and passion for helping others create a positive and dynamic atmosphere within any team she's a part of. Her knack for solving puzzles is evident, whether it's decoding her daily anagram calendar or skillfully balancing competing demands in the work environment.

Since her childhood, Lindsey has found joy in card games, reading, and indulging in horror movies, showcasing her diverse interests beyond the professional realm. With her unique background and adaptable skills, Lindsey plays a crucial role in ensuring our team is not only qualified but also embodies the compassionate and collaborative spirit that defines The Care Company's commitment to excellent home healthcare services.

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