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Juweria Halane

Juweria Halane

Director of Office Operations and Care Schedule Manager

Meet Juweria, affectionately known as Jay. Over the last 20 years, she has built a substantial career in customer service, with over 12+ years dedicated to home healthcare, where she has found her purpose. Having worked in various healthcare environments, it's the intimate setting of home care where her passion thrives. Jay is deeply committed to working alongside a passionate team to guide clients and their families in discovering the most suitable care and caregivers to elevate the quality of life and care they receive.

Armed with a Psychology degree from York University, Jay's role in scheduling and administrative management is informed by an understanding of human dynamics. This allows her not only to enhance the service offered to clients and their families but also to foster an energetic and unified team environment.

Jay's expertise is broadened by her proficiency in specialized CRM systems like Procura, Clear Care, and AlayaCare, as well as being a certified Scrum Master and Qualitative Mask Fit Tester. These skills and certifications highlight her commitment to safety, agility within the team, and the innovative application of technology to improve the delivery of care at home.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jay finds joy in fantasy literature, getting lost in a far-off world, cooking, and travel. These interests feed her creativity and zest for life, allowing her to bring a unique perspective. Her eclectic taste in music and art further enriches her ability to appreciate the diverse and beautiful world around us.

Jay's broad array of interests complements her professional endeavours, making her a well-rounded individual passionate about enhancing the lives of those we serve. She is dedicated to ensuring clients and their families receive the highest standard of in-home care, blending with effective management.

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